Will's day.==

Will[[ ]] is a sporty type who like's to go out and have some fun with his friend's shill out and maybe drink some beer he is a happy person and is somtimes very helpful if you are lucky.he also play's basketball.



Phillip or phil for short is Will's uncle he is doesen't like will that much because he maks fun of im of how big his tummy is so he is not that comfartable that he is staying in the house with them.He hate's trevor.200px-Hilarybanks HILARY

Hilary has had lots of boy friends because she is beutiful and is so funny ,One day hilary is intrested so much in one of her boyfriends called Trevor aan can not think of anything exept Trevor.Will-smith-the-fresh-prince-of-bel-airwillEdit

Now I know that you all know about will he is the main event of the program his got the bling blang ball and he is taking it steet style today babe . Soory I got out of hang there yo. Heis handsome and nice.


Carl gets very excited when someone says anything about oprah

and sometimes is very annoying he dresses like hegoes to golf every single day of his life.Aunt-vivVIVIANEdit

Vivian is wills aunty and sometimes very angry at phil and she also starts a fight.