Ashley Banks is Will's younger cousin and who seems to be influneced by him. She is played by Tatyana Ali. She is the youngest of Uncle Phil 's and Aunt Viv 's children until baby Nicky was born.Ashley looked up to Will as a big brother and spent much time following him in her younger days. As Ashley got older, she started becoming more rebellious. She dropped out of private school and secretly attended public high school until Will found out and tried to masquerade as her father when her teacher wanted to see her
parents. The plot failed and Ashley's parents eventually found out, but they let her keep attending public school.Ashley became a one-hit wonder with a hit song "Make Up Your Mind" in the show's 5th season premiere, "What's Will Got to Do With It?" Ashley later aspires to become a model after being discovered while working at a hot dog stand at a food court.In the series finale, it is revealed that Ashley decides to attend a performing arts school in New York. When Hilary finds out her talk show is relocating to New York, the girls decide to live together.


Ashley Banks is a happy child, in the beginning of the series she would always obey her parents's rules