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I, Done (Part 2) is the last ever episode of the fresh prince of bel air. In I done part 1 we know that everyone is moving on with there lives, Carlton is going to Princeton. Ashely is going to a performing arts school, Hilary is moving to new york as she got a job there, and phillip and vivian move to be closer with there children. however will is going nowhere but he lied about moving to a another house. and there butler has moved to be closer to his son.

in the episode we see will looking for houses and failing

and then the house was bought by a family called the jeffersons

and then will has not choice but tell phil that he has got no where to live and then phil gets him a house

and then the day they all leave they hug and say there good byes to everyone

and then phil and will hug for the last time and phil leaves

and then will has a look at the house for one last time and then turns off the lights and then carlton runs down the stairs and shouts hey who turned the lights out and runs outside to his family and will then says i will miss you G