Philip is a somewhat strict and gruff person, but he does have a softer side, and is an upstanding citizen. Nonetheless, his anger can get him into trouble at times, especially when he feels his image is being besmirched. Additionally, Philip can be financially greedy; he pays his butler Geoffrey a salary so low that Geoffrey quits after Philip gives him a mediocre additional annual raise, and only returns when Philip apologizes for taking him for granted and agrees to increase his salary, benefits and to hire more help during formal functions. In the series finale, when Geoffrey retires, Phil rewards him with both a large cash bonus and an expensive first class plane ticket to London, England. Similarly, while he always spoils Hilary, Philip refuses to increase the allowances of his children, although in later seasons he begins to tire of spending his hard-earned money on spoiling Hilary and becomes more gruff with Hilary to pay her own way in the world.

However, despite being a miser, Philip is a very caring and loving husband and father. H


e makes sure that he

First appearance The Fresh Prince Project
Last appearance I, Done (Part 2)
Name Philip "Zeke" Banks
Nickname By Will: Uncle Phil

By Carlton: Big guy By Hilary:Pookie Poo By Mother: Zeke

Known Relatives Hattie Banks (mother)

Vivian Banks (wife) Hilary Banks (daughter) Carlton Banks (son) Ashley Banks (daughter) Nicky Banks (son) Vy Smith (sister in law)
Lou Smith (former brother in law) Will Smith (nephew)
Helen Smith (sister in law)
Lester (brother in law)
Bobby (nephew)
Janice Smith (sister in law)
Frank (brother in law)

does what is best for all his children, including Will, for whom, despite being only related to him by marriage (and whom he sometimes grumbles about Will being a goof-off), he very much cares as his own son. Throughout the series, Philip has been there for his children in their time of need, which rubs off on Will as Will ultimately accepts Philip's children as the siblings he never had and sees that Philip is a genuine father-figure (as opposed to his true father). If anything, he will go out of his way to make sure his children make something of themselves. He will also fight fiercely to protect his family: When Will and Carlton were arrested for "stealing a car", when they were driving it for his law firm partner, Philip threatened to tie the police station up in "so much litigation that [their] grandchildren are going to need lawyers". He is overprotective of Ashley and has trouble with her aging, arguably as the youngest daughter he sees her as his "little girl".

A common occasion for humor on the show is Philip's portly shape and big appetite. Will commonly makes cracks about his girth, as does Geoffrey at times. Unfortunately, Philip's appetite has given him trouble and a heart attack.

Philip also reveals himself to be an amazingly adept pool player, showing his skill by out-hustling the pool shark who hustled Will at the pool hall. He has a personal cue stick, which he calls "Lucille", possibly after B.B. King's guitar, Lucille Ball, or Minnesota Fats' nickname for his pool cue.

"Oh my god, turkey… with pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes… butter drenched dressing… tiny onions… swimming in a sea of cream sauce… Sigh."